So What is 5G, and why should you care?

What follows is a brief illustration why we should want to pay attention to this discussion and support this initiative. It will not be technical; the experts specialize in this area and have 25 pages of coloured charts if you are interested? Yes it can be technical, but it can also be simple.

Here is the scenario that will unfold (we believe) if this technology is rolled out. Most of us currently have a cell phone which runs on 3G or 4G. We do not know which group of frequencies it operates on, and we don’t know what it does to us, if anything. This is a mystery to most. To our knowledge we have never seen the cell tower(s) that power it. They are around, but immediately distant. We don’t think about them really.

That said, the frequencies created from these towers exist, whether or not we own a cell phone. They travel large distances because of their frequency bands (larger). They do affect ‘energy sensitive’ people in a way that is experienced physically. Please see the video from South Africa in our 5G section for a greater understanding

5G frequencies are another matter. This technology has different frequencies (smaller) and do not travel far. As a result, in order for it to be effective, there will have to be transmission towers every 50 to 200 feet or so from every human, day and night: think ‘microwave oven’ here. This technology will have to be available 247 everywhere so that we can have self-driving cars, automated houses, surveillance 247 that can describe what is going on in your home at all times, etc. Smart meters were the beginning of this type of experience.

You will not need to own a cell phone or self-driving car to be impacted. We will all be impacted. We trust that the picture of this possibility is clear enough. Now imagine that all of life is composed of resonate frequencies…! Imagine that all the birds, bees, flowers, trees, your children, grandchildren, and yourself, are just frequencies that have a consciousness. We are energy conscious beings to our very core ( Yet we have never been told or taught this fact. We think we are merely ‘physical beings’, when in fact we are ‘energy beings’ living in a physical-like reality .

There is a book, initially published in 1996, entitled ‘The Conscious Mind’, written by David Chalmers (link here to article) which describes the concept of how we are frequencies governed by a form of consciousness. Now imagine that your field(s) (yes we have fields) are impacted 247 by 5G frequencies that mess around with those fields. The short story is that ultimately our wellbeing is determined by the resonance of those frequencies and fields, and its consciousness. Once they are altered, we are physically altered.

Please take the time to read the short summary of ‘The Conscious Mind’ and consider investigating this site and its contents. This may sound like a Science fiction movie theme, but it is not. It is time we all took responsibility for our ‘energy/energetic’ future. If you are interested in learning more let us know. Please help us raise the funds to challenge the Federal Government to start effective scientific experiments that will educate and protect everyone. Thanks!

Please also check this web site for stories about EMFs (

Just in case you haven’t heard this good news already - the No5G Party has been registered as a Federal political party in Australia. Please visit our website, watch three promotional videos on the Home page and spread the news -

Fast growing membership will support our mission to create a healthier and safer world, in which the environment and our freedom are protected and cherished.

The Energy Connection

The Energy Connection attempts to provide a road map for a path less travelled. The thinking behind, "We are all energy", requires a special mind and a soul ready to take the next step. "What if" all of 'our world' was simply composed of vibrating particles just waiting for us to put them in motion through our conscious minds? The book is written as an introduction to all those who have never contemplated this possibility and particularly the consequences. The possibility that we are composed of energy fields, chakras and the smallest particles known to humankind is a different take on life. So this is a 'Energy 101' text book that allows you to safely enter this wonderous world of possibilities. It is here that your past, present and future exists. The primary author is a lawyer. He comes from a 'prove it to me' world. After examining the evidence, the facts all point to a fascinating place that we all need to learn how to access and understand. Our future, health and abundance depend upon it!

Research Studies

How researchers are discovering 5G.

So What is 5G, and why should you care?
Sunday, Feb 28, 2021

Threats to security, health, public infrastructure—and other potential costs of Canada's 5G rollout

MACLEANS, Toronto / Opinion Threats to security, health, public infrastructure—and other potential costs of Canada’s 5G rollout David Zarnett: What are we willing to sacrifice in exchange for faster downloads and self-driving cars? By David Zarnett February 19, 2020 David Zarnett is a lecturer and undergraduate advisor in the Department of Political Science at the University of Toronto. He has a Ph.D. in political science, and his current research focuses on Canadian policy on wireless technology.

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So What is 5G, and why should you care?
Wednesday, Feb 10, 2021

"Wireless Hazards" -- An extensive exposé published by The Washington Spectator

“Wireless Hazards” – An extensive exposé published by The Washington Spectator Today The Washington Spectator published an extensive exposé about the Telecom industry’s decades-long campaign to dismiss the research about the health risks of radio frequency radiation and fool the public into believing that cell phones are safe by co-opting government agencies and the mainstream news media. This indepth study was conducted by Barbara Koeppel, an investigative reporter who covers social, economic, political, and foreign policy issues.

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So What is 5G, and why should you care?
Tuesday, Feb 9, 2021

5G Protection for Your Family Today!

5G Protection for Your Family Today! An Antioxidant Bracelet that addresses the formation of too many ROS (reactive oxygen species/free radicals)! There is no better feeling then in helping someone feel better in their life! No better feeling at all! That is what I have the privelege of doing everyday, by doing my Celluvation business from the comfort of my home. I have time freedom and do not have to punch a clock!

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Help Prevent 5G Radiation

Join us in the fight against 5G and secure the lives of families for future generations.


The subject of 5G will be illusory for a longtime. Something like the dangers of smoking; is a cell phone located next to your head dangerous, are drugs harmful? These are matters that are hidden from most of society.

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