5G Protection for Your Family Today!

5G Protection for Your Family Today!

5G Protection for Your Family Today!

An Antioxidant Bracelet that addresses the formation of too many ROS (reactive oxygen species/free radicals)!

There is no better feeling then in helping someone feel better in their life! No better feeling at all!

That is what I have the privelege of doing everyday, by doing my Celluvation business from the comfort of my home. I have time freedom and do not have to punch a clock! I am a FREE man to do as I wish and my wish is to give you that freedom also.

In Celluvation we have products that change people’s lives for the better! Youth Crystals (that help to build collagen and get rid of wrinkles and old age symptoms), Topical Gels (that help reduce inflammation and pain), and our Aalere Bacelet (that helps protect against 5G) that you can market. The pay plan is lucrative and very fair. Work part time or full time (like me) and watch your buisness grow month after month, because our products work! Thirty day money back quarantee on the products!

Here below is a video of one of the products called the Aalere Bracelet to give you some information of what we have. If this type of life interests you in helping others and having your own business, please get a hold of the person who sent this to you, today.

My name is Steve Koochin and I am a Holistic Health Practitioner staying at home and helping people live a better, healthier and a more financially secure life.

AALERE BRACELET for concerns about

“Affecting Vitality, Fertility and Children”


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1.) Aalere Rainbow

Stainless Steel Elastic,

Luminescent, Rainbow Color Length 7.68” Width .5”

with Tourmaline Stones

2.) Aalere Linked

(Shipping in about 5 days)

Stainless Steel Linked (adjustable)

Silver Color

Length 8”, Width .25”

with Far-Infrared (red), Neodymium Magnet (silver),

Germanium (black), and Negative Ion (white) Stones.

PRICE (both models):

Wholesale: $200.00 US each ($250.00 US Retail)

Wholesale: $500.00 US/3 PACK ($625.00 US Retail)

(30 day money back guarantee)

Best in Health,

Steve Koochin HHP


1.) Tech Crunch TV Dr Devra Davis You Tube https://youtu.be/OcoG0wUV8Ao

2.) 2019 Building Biology Institute

3.) www.ehtrust.org Environmental Health Trust

4.) Crisis Summit 5G https://the5gsummit.com/?idev_id=22&rh=Sye1tLxwSA


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