How to protect yourself from 5G

How to protect yourself from 5G

The subject of 5G will be illusory for a longtime. Something like the dangers of smoking; is a cell phone located next to your head dangerous, are drugs harmful? These are matters that are hidden from most of society. Those selling you these services know best. Right?

Well not really. And this goes for devices that are advertised to protect you from 5G. Here’s why. 5G is new….2018 ish. China initiated it and now other countries have launched the technology. Its just been introduced into most of our communities. There has been no true testing of its possible consequences regarding wellness to life. Why would there be? It is a multi-billion-dollar business.

Part of the rationale behind this website is to raise funds for scientific research in Canada and elsewhere. It was divulged within the last two years in a hearing held in the United States that the telecom industry has not spent any money on research. Should this have changed we invite you to inform us of these studies.

In Canada, despite representations to the contrary, there has been no such research. This type of study takes years to complete, not months. The potential consequences of EMF exposure at the potential frequencies derived from 5G are varied and possibly significant. It is essential that this research begins immediately.

What follows are sites based upon anecdotal evidence that suggest these techniques can mitigate EMFs (electro magnetic frequencies) but not 5G. This area is very technical. As a consequence this site takes no responsibility or potential liability for any representations made or consequences achieved.

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